Authentically passionate about learning and change

Our organisational culture and our values are vitally important to us. Empanda believes in practicing what it preaches; we see ourselves as role models for excellent people practices. We live in rapidly changing times, and to manage this, we place a strong emphasis on wellbeing, innovation, growth, and balance. We are always learning and experimenting to hone our best practices.


We combine our confidence in our space with a ‘shoshin’ beginner mindset. We love to learn about clients. Our creativity is infused by being open minded and we are unified by our passion for learning.


Change is a constant in our own world, so we know that kindness, an eye on sustainability, and a true invitation for collaboration, motivates best for the greater good in the change we want to see.

about empanda

Empanda is an agile and innovative people-consulting organisation. Formed in 2014, we have grown fast and now deliver services globally, specialising in change, learning, communication and engagement. We have deep experience working with large corporate and public sector organisations. We specialise in engagement in both our face-to-face, and our remote world of work.



We would like to work with you… Let’s engage, enable and evolve together.

our values

Culture is important, the beating heart and soul of who and what we are. Culture is also an outcome, the sum of our collective identity.
At Empanda, we unify around shared values, with the intention of creating an aligned space within a diverse range of talents where we can thrive together. 

what empanda means

Empanda is the Roman goddess of asylum, charity, and hospitality. Her temple on the Capitoline Hill was famous for always being open to those in need. Translated, her name means “to open” or to stand with hands outstretched in offering. For us, she represents a spirit of transparency, trust, and a commitment to sharing. Our purpose is to share knowledge, with the mindful intention of empowering people. Empanda is our muse, inspiring us to bring people together to collaborate on this objective collectively.

Our destination?

A more sustainable, equitable, inclusive, and beautiful future world.

parallax background

To operate with hands outstretched, openly and in offering

our avatars

When you work with us, we are likely to get excited about characters, personae, and avatars. These symbols and personalities can be role models, representatives of our customers, key roles, or guides that help the navigation of our journeys. We craft personal stories for our characters, making them relatable, bringing life and feeling to scenarios. We imbue characters with the values and behaviour we want to see, or to engage with.

So naturally, Empanda has avatars of her own, to guide our way:



Our leadership avatar is based on a dragonfly. We love its shimmering and agile beauty. It is able to move quickly in any direction, hovering for strategic insight, informed by multifaceted eyes. A dragonfly is born under water, and under pressure, in murky darkness. It starts as a simple, little, unevolved grub creature that goes through transformational change, evolving into an iridescent, beautiful form.



Our learning avatar is the peacock, a sacred bird and symbol of wisdom and the creative arts. For us, the peacock’s ‘all-seeing’ tail represents a beautiful suite of inspirational learning interventions, each unlocking unique insight. We see the natural, yet organised, flow of the feathers as the ultimate curriculum, courses that, together, paint the bigger picture for the overall learning offering.



Our change and learning journey avatar is a rocket ship. A technologically enabled and innovative vehicle capable of great speed and intergalactic travel to future destinations. We want the people we facilitate to feel part of a valued, skilled crew, working together to break through performance frontiers, unlocking the secrets of the modern world of work. Journeys should be inspiring and fulfilling.​



Our talent avatar is the unicorn. A mythical creature that shows up with magical skill blends that we can achieve if we work in teams with diverse talents. This avatar speaks to our search for talent - you cannot catch a unicorn, it chooses you because it likes your meadow. The unicorn is also our avatar when we do human capital work, understanding what people need to thrive.​

our stakeholders

We have a collaborative spirit and want to interact with our ecosystem in a way that helps everyone to flourish. We believe that together we are stronger. Our stakeholder engagement value propositions are central to enabling approaches that benefit everyone we work with. ​

our global goals

We are proudly South African, committed to our sustainable future. Empanda is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. We are an active member of the Global Compact Network of South Africa, a signatory of the Ten Principles of the UNGC, and an active strategic partner, delivering services to the UNGC.

our community

Empanda supports a variety of education related initiatives as part of our transformation strategy. We especially like investing in individuals that are passionate about a future in the world of learning.

Make a Difference Foundation 

Empanda gives back by financially sponsoring a selected university graduate, employed by MAD, so they may continue studying for a further 12 months.

MADs mission is to provide young South Africans who show academic and leadership potential access to quality education as well as personal and leadership development opportunities in order to inspire a better future for South Africa. They offer a comprehensive scholarship programme that focuses on individual support and development.

LPF Skills Development Partner

Empanda gives back by sponsoring a learnership for a student with disabilities. We supplement this with a monthly stipend.

LFPs mission is to provide people and communities with the developmental and scalable solutions they need to enter the job market and be self-sufficient. They are committed to pursuing the common good and working hard so that communities can thrive and those who are vulnerable, isolated, and disadvantaged can experience life in its fullness.

Gold Youth SED Partner

Empanda gives back through an annual financial donation towards ICT spend. This increases Gold Youth's reach to remote or rural areas.

Gold Youth's mission is through the Gold Youth Peer Education Model, they embed peer leaders and mentors into schools and communities, developing young people from being passive recipients of negative norms to proactive agents of positive change, who are empowered to become the ethical and economically independent leaders of tomorrow.

Propella Business Incubator

Empanda has invested in Propella by issuing a zero-interest financial loan.

Propella's mission is to provide a significant entrepreneurial experience and presence in Nelson Mandela Bay where innovation and technology convergence is facilitated to create sustainable and profitable ventures, through exceptional management, leadership & infrastructure contributions in specific sectors.

our amazing partners

We like to specialise in what we do best, which is offering learning and change management solutions. We, therefore, like to partner with splendid specialists where we need services that aren’t our core focus. These are the collaborators that help us perform our best; we strongly recommend their services.