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We love to vision, to think and to feel our way forward

We believe that people are central to the success of any business. People love, hope, fear, dream, lead, and ultimately create the future that we and our descendants will experience in the future. Innovation and action are inspired by collaborative thinking and creativity. We hope to be contributors to that gigantic, collective process.


If you have an idea, a question, a thought or a trend that you’d like us to write about, then let us know.


If you agree, or disagree, or have a contribution to make to our articles, you are welcome to engage, or write.

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More than ever we need to take time to reflect, so we can guide future footsteps.

February 18, 2021

Exploring Human Capital Management Trends During Covid

In February 2020, Time Magazine highlighted our first trend – the rapid rise of the remote worker – with their headline: ‘The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Become []
February 15, 2021

Move Your Accredited Training Courses Online Fast

Accredited training providers that have not been able to pivot their face-to-face training to an online format are losing out! If you have seen a drop []
February 11, 2021

Should You Outsource Your Learning Platform?

Empanda has been supporting an outsourced digital learning platform since 2017. This came about almost by accident, when one of our clients needed to host a []
January 19, 2021

Free Diagnostic: Are You Instilling a Coaching Mindset Whilst Leading Your Virtual Team?

We are a world in crisis! As well as serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 is continuing to have a profound impact on businesses and economies []
September 30, 2020

How kickstarting one CEO became an energising programme to support healthy remote work everywhere.

They say in life it’s the people who cross your path that lead you to great victories. Here’s a little background on one of them…     []
August 31, 2020

My journey to finding and expanding myself

At the end of 2015 chanting and beautiful vibrations wafted into my life providing me with the path that I needed to address my anxiety, fears []
August 7, 2020

Become the Next E-Learning Wizard

The world has changed rapidly. The new normal is learning everything through online portals and platforms. So, the time has come to leave insecurities and the []
July 31, 2020

Should you consider joining the online learning revolution?

Empanda was born in the maelstrom of a massive digital transformation programme that had a series of extremely aggressive training plans. We were forged in the []
August 27, 2019

What Leaders Really Want: The Road to Inspiration

In a perfect world, leaders lift, accelerate, inspire and motivate teams on a daily basis, ever guiding people and the world to higher levels of brilliance… []