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We love to vision, to think and to feel our way forward

We believe that people are central to the success of any business. People love, hope, fear, dream, lead, and ultimately create the future that we and our descendants will experience in the future. Innovation and action are inspired by collaborative thinking and creativity. We hope to be contributors to that gigantic, collective process.


If you have an idea, a question, a thought or a trend that you’d like us to write about, then let us know.


If you agree, or disagree, or have a contribution to make to our articles, you are welcome to engage, or write.

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More than ever we need to take time to reflect, so we can guide future footsteps.

January 19, 2021

Free Diagnostic: Are You Instilling a Coaching Mindset Whilst Leading Your Virtual Team?

We are a world in crisis! As well as serious implications for people’s health, COVID-19 is continuing to have a profound impact on businesses and economies []
July 20, 2020

The Empanda 2030 Agenda Journey: Time to Report Back

In 2016 Empanda joined the United Nations Global Compact, becoming a member of the GCNSA. This week is our 4th anniversary and it is time for []