Change Tribe
“Be like a flower, survive the rain, and use it to grow”
We are looking for authentic, innovative, and creative change managers to work on remote projects. We are especially interested in people with retail, ICT, and financial services experience.


A deep-rooted desire to explicitly contribute to wellbeing and sustainability of people and our planet.


  • Patiently impatient
  • Assertively gentle
  • Practically imaginative


Injustice, disadvantage, confusion, disarray, fatigue, boredom, conflict, and cruelty (planned or unplanned).


A creative, collaborative, caring home, where innovation is valued, dreams are shared and where we can safely belong.

Essential Skills

  • Change and business advisory skills
  • Both creativity and analytical prowess
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

Experience & Qualifications

  • Change accreditation or project experience
  • >4 years' experience at mid-senior level
  • A dynamic reference