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5 Min Brain-Body-Mental Daily Kickstart

With only 5 minutes a day, you can boost your energy, strengthen your body and increase your mental health.



Energize yourself and your team with a 5-minute workout every morning to kick start your brain, body and mental health for a more productive day!

This 12-week programme is designed to engage every aspect of the body from Monday to Friday, making sure you always get a quick 5-minute workout in. You don’t even have to get dressed or get sweaty!

We focus on body, mind, and ultimately mental health – the anchor of the body and our well-being. Along the way you’ll also find bonus health tips and reminders that this is all about YOU!

This 3-month rotational programme is designed to make sure your brain, body and mental health are all addressed.

Kickstarting Our Brains:
We start off with the brain and set up all the triggers, activations, and love needed to build muscle memory that works toward preventing injuries and maintaining proper posture.

Kickstarting Our Body
We tackle the body next. This month you learn how to protect and nourish your body as well as prevent degeneration, lower your daily Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), and reduce heart, lung, back, and joint problems.

Kickstarting Our Minds:
In month three we combine brain and body to balance our mental health as the core of our overall well-being. We started our journey with a triangle balancing on one corner, created stability with another corner and now closing the triangle by maintaining our mental health on the legs of our brain and body power.

The 5-Minute Brain-Body-Mental Daily Kickstart: Full Programme


This 12-week health programme targets the brain to build muscle memory in month one, the body to build strength and resilience in month two; and brings the brain and the body together for an empowering mental health balance in month three.

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