Instilling a Coaching Mindset whilst leading your Virtual Team

This course has been born out the of rapid rise of the remote worker, together with a growing commitment by employers towards their overall wellbeing.



This programme aims to instill an integrated coaching mindset for managing a virtual team.  Based on a world in crisis, it has become more important than ever to foster spaces for internal reflection, authentically showing up, deeper connections, and the enablement of our virtual teams.

We unpack the integrated coaching mindset by looking at an icon of Africa, the majestic baobab tree:

Fostering spaces for internal reflection:
The baobab is strongly anchored by an extensive and strong root system.
This module addresses the internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of your employees.

Fostering spaces for ‘showing up’:
With a height of up to 25 meters, the branches of the baobab form an impressive canopy. This module focuses on how your employees ‘show up’ in the work environment.

Fostering spaces for deep connections:
Known as the ‘Tree of Life’ – the baobab can provide shelter, clothing, food and water. In this module, we look at the individual and team’s sense of connection, shared values, and purpose.

Fostering spaces for team success:
There are several threats to the baobab’s existence. In this module we explore what needs to be in place to set your virtual team up for success.


Diagnostic Overview: Are you instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading your Virtual Team?



In this free webinar we unpack the essence of instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading a virtual team.