The collaborate domain focuses on ‘us’, unifying teams, understanding our strengths, connecting as people, recognising our success, as well as inspiring ourselves for future brilliance. We bring teams together for light and purposeful fun, often emerging with stories to share. We bring in creative activities that show that our sum is more than our individual parts, valuing our diversity and our blend of skills and honing our sense of identity.

COLLABORATE leadership domains:


For Leaders who want to unify a team


Unifying and building our unique identity

Our team strength comes from our diversity, and appreciating this helps us to celebrate each other and come together as a connected force. These experiences build our team identity, aligning us to our business, and also helping us to feel individually appreciated for who we are. Inclusion is about sharpening our understanding of our values and our skills. We understand how we blend our capabilities, enabling inclusion and a celebration of the diversity that helps us to perform.


For Leaders who want to tell a visionary story


Telling our Heroic story for ourselves and customers

The happiness of our customers ultimately determines our sustainable success.
In storytelling we begin with an understanding of why stories are so powerful for us. We then work toward the heart of our customers and stakeholders to tell our story about why and how we create value. We emerge with a deeper understanding of what we have to offer. 
With refreshed pride in ourselves, we realise how we have evolved, who we are, and how to share our purpose.


For Leaders who want a team to connect


Connecting and appreciating each other’s creativity

Sometimes our team is moving hard and fast on delivery and we want to slow down and connect with each other. These journeys are focused on the creation of joy. We do something non-work related and have time to enjoy each other. A gentle, creative pursuit with a mysterious outcome that is delivered showing how, together,
we create a greater whole.
These journeys are evening events where we can converse and remember our awesome humanity.


For Leaders who want to recognise performance

Celebrating and recognising our success through time

These journeys are purposeful opportunities to think about the journey of the past, present and future. We realise how far we have come, we note the challenges we have overcome as a team, and the customers that we have delighted with value. We get curious about what we have done to get this far and focus on how we can leverage our brilliance on the road ahead. There is ample opportunity for leaders to call out and recognise what has been achieved. All whilst we have great fun.

Experience our journeys:


Welcome to
the Jungle

We find our unique blend of skills and values within the animal kingdom: through us they compete for poll position

A journey for leaders that want a team to have fun whilst considering how our diverse values and skills are a unique and valuable blend. We enrich our understanding of our organisational identity, welcoming diverse perspectives about what makes our blend of personalities an awesome mix. And with a song to share, if we dare.

Journey PDF

Our Heroic

We discover the DNA of powerful stories through fi lm and ourselves, then we tell our organisation’s story afresh

A journey for leaders and teams that want a fresh and compelling story to share within the organisation, or beyond it. Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here? And what do we have to offer the wider universe? We emerge with new and inspired perspectives of our unique and compelling brand.

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Great Canvas
of Connection

We spend an evening creating a mysterious masterpiece together, relaxing and connecting over treats

A journey for leaders that have teams which have been working hard, and who deserve a gentle, fun and relaxing break together. We paint a picture together over snack and treats, taking time to chat, connect and appreciate each other. We walk away with an amazing canvas that we have created together. This evening experience is delicious.

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our Journey

We take stock of our incredible achievement, realise the power it brings and we celebrate our successes

A journey for leaders that want purposeful fun to recognise a team’s success. We enable deep and real recognition of our achievements. We see how we have overcome obstacles, learned lessons, and we understand how we can apply these strengths to future success whilst celebrating and having fun together

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