The innovation domain is about inspiring and empowering wider motivational leadership. It is about lifting our strategic and critical thinking, and getting creative in visioning our pathway to the future, motivating our teams for excellence, and mobilising change journeys with clear destinations and pathways. Here, we set the foundations for inspired and purposeful change that delivers value and growth for all our stakeholders.

INNOVATE leadership domains:


For Leaders who want to empower others to be leaders too


Empowering others to be leaders

This empowers the wider organisation, and enables effective delegation and the capacity we need for growth. Strengthening leadership in our teams sets us free to focus on strategy and raise our game. This domain is about helping our teams to recognise that we are leaders, motivating for the move from being a manager of tasks, to being a leader of people. Journeys focus on the importance of human connection, delegation, prioritisation, and accountability.


For Leaders who
want to strategise and


Exploring and innovating
strategic concepts

This is about pulling the right
stakeholders together and
collaborating to pull
in a multitude of ideas and
dynamics. When we blend and
excite a group with diverse skills
and experience, multifaceted
perspectives cross over and new
ideas are born. This domain is
about journeys that do just that,
holding a concentrated listening
space that gives us a giant leap
forward in our thinking. Enabling
accelerated innovation.


For Leaders who want
to inspire and motivate


Inspiring and motivating
for excellence

The journeys in this domain are
a great precursor to objective
setting processes; reconnecting
us with our potential and our
aspirations at a personal and a
business level. By remembering
who we are, we remember and
refi ne what we want. Teams work
together, re-connecting and feel
an irrepressible urge to provide
each other with mutual support
and desire to see each other
succeed. Make goal setting light,
fun and meaningful.


For Leaders who are mobilising change journeys


Mobilising our change
journeys for success

When we are starting out on
a mission it really helps to get
everyone together. Clarifying
our objective, our roles and our
roadmap for success. As leaders
we want to be in the middle of the action, but it’s hard to facilitate and avoid tangents whilst contributing to the content. This domain is about getting together to co-create, digest,
internalise and come to a clear,
visionary consensus about where
we are going and how we are
going to get there.

Experience our journeys:

Motivating Leaders

Our role as Totally
Motivating Leaders

Shift the focus of your team toward your role as leaders: inspiring motivation and adaptive performance.

A journey for leaders and businesses who want to bring on a next generation of leaders. This journey focuses on landing the idea of what a leader is, and realising we are all responsible for leadership. It is perfect for your team if you want to delegate with greater confidence within your span of control

Journey PDF

Motivating Leaders

World Café:
Accelerating Ideas

Bring your stakeholders and experts together and drive forward your next innovation concepts.

A journey for leaders who want to simplify, validate, lift and deepen understanding of an innovation pipeline. You will come away with a deeper understanding of what to innovate first, internalising critical success factors, strategic dynamics and what it will take to journey from concept to reality.

Journey PDF

Inspire Team

Inspiring our
Team for the Win

Lift and refresh aspirations and connect to our wider life goals, inspiring personal objective setting.

A journey for leaders who want authentic and inspiring goals for a team. Make annual performance management fast, fun, real and engaging. After this experience, work and personal development goals flow from minds like fresh springs, bringing life to a process that can otherwise be dire.

Journey PDF

Mobilising the Future

Mobilising our Path
to the Future

Vision and plan your mission, collaborating on a shared pathway and bigger journey.

A journey for leaders, project and programme managers that want a lively and fresh facilitation for change programmes that are mobilising teams. We emerge connected, with a shared outcome and roadmap for delivery that accelerates and supports our planning process

Journey PDF