The nurture domain focus on enabling wellbeing through a better understanding of ourselves and our connection to the wider world. We enhance and empower our confi dence, our communication and our ability to achieve beautiful balance in our lives, so that we are fresh, aligned, empowered and ready to perform, supported by an enduring foundation that fuels ongoing success and positive motivation.

NURTURE leadership domains:


For Leaders who want to enhance empathy

Understanding ourselves and nurturing empathy for others

These journeys focus on understanding who we are, and understanding each other better. By connecting at a deeper level we are inspired by each other’s courage and history and feel a powerful urge to support each other. We get to know each other better and we learn what our mutual needs are. We emerge more confi dent in ourselves, feeling empowered, with a greater respect and appreciation of each other and the wider individual journeys we are all embarked on.


For Leaders who want to bring healing

Finding beautiful balance to nurture our performance

These journeys are for leaders who know that their teams are experiencing fatigue and burnout. We leverage modern meditational techniques to seek balanced goals, thinking about our well being, navigating toward sustainable, positive and beautifully balanced outcomes. We recognise that we can perform our best when we look after ourselves and the important others in our lives. We take a mindful, gentle and intentional approach to achieving beautiful balance.


For Leaders who want to nurture equality

Navigating the path toward a gender equal work world

These journeys are designed to bring greater equality to the world of work. Our current offering focuses on gender, however we are currently designing offerings for any form of inequality. Our gender equality offering can either be for just women, or can include men. We understand the legacy that drives inequality, and we develop solutions, including policy recommendation, communities of support and techniques for managing toward more equal and empowered interactions with each other.


For Leaders who want enhance communication

Enhancing communication in a complex, busy, world

These journeys invest in understanding the power of communication and get creative about what we can do enhance communication in our ecosystem. We invest in understanding messages better and strategise as a team for effective collaboration on getting proactive on messages and action. We think about the flow of information we need to simplify, direct and enhance. Empanda also delivers equine assisted learning from our smallholding, delivered by the internationally recognised Yolanda Sing.

Experience our journeys:

Discover Inspiration

Write On: Connect
with Inspiration

We write and share our personal stories, and fi nd ourselves inspired by what we discover

A journey for leaders that are looking to build relationships and mutual respect. Amy Kaye unlocks our ability to express ourselves through writing. We share a little bit about ourselves and we learn so much more about the amazing humans that are also on our journey.

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Balanced Me

We use meditation and reflection to unfurl our pathway to self nurture and life balance

A journey for leaders that want to restore energy and build resilience into teams. We learn how to balance ourselves and how to harness our our infi nite potential so that we are fresh, rejuvenated, confi dent and ready sustain high performance at work and in wider life.

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Women that Run
with the Wolves

We understand gender bias, share our stories, and work on techniques to bring equality forward

A journey for leaders who are looking for powerful tools to build confidence in women, enabling a deeper understanding gender equality and of what drives a world of work where women are able to thrive, evolve and comfortably be our best selves.

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our Journey

We get creative about what we can do to enhance communication as individuals and as a team

A journey for leaders who want to improve team communication and the power of individuals to focus on and move messages with speed and accuracy to enable powerful and agile interaction within a complex world, from message to critical action.

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