The sustainability domain focuses on our stakeholders, ethics, governance and the value that we are creating to support a better world, within, and beyond our organisation. We consider the value of relationships, the importance of leadership that curates with care, and what it means to be virtuous and to drive authentic transformation in an evolving and constantly innovating world.

SUSTAIN leadership domains:


For Leaders who want to enhance stakeholder engagement

Enduring relationships that lift and sustain us

These journeys place real and authentic engagement centrally on our agenda. We understand who we can be engaging with for inspiration. We realise sustainable value we can create and get inspired. We refl ect on the how to build the relationships we need to succeed. We understand how we can innovate our approach to connecting, both internally and externally. We come away excited about the idea of how we can be lifted through enjoying relationships that create social capital for our business.


For Leaders who want to
ensure integrity and ethical practice


A sustainable rationale for ethic and integrity

In these journeys we deepen our understanding of why operating ethically is good for us and for our business. We build our resilience against unethical practice and discuss complex scenarios and techniques for assuring we operate for the good.
We understand the value of support, checks, balances and techniques for managing challenges to our integrity. We look at evolving questions in a world of change and
define our playbook for
virtue in an evolving


For Leaders who want modernised, effective


Refreshing governance for the modern world of work

In these journeys we bring life and purpose into our governance landscape. We evaluate our governance ecosystem
for ways to enhance our curation
of strategy into the outcomes we want. We plan how to overcome factors that drain energy.
We plan how we can make governance more
attractive and fun. We think about King IV and how we can shift traditional paradigms,
motivation, creativity and


For Leaders who want
to drive sustainability


Bringing life and strategy to our sustainability agenda

These journeys energise and refresh your sustainability strategy and agenda. We leverage the 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to prioritise the action that your business can take to have sustainable positive impact.
The approach supports alignment to B-BBEE in a way that considers the values of your business stakeholders.
We set a hard, fast pace to drive creativity into a strategy that is aligned to your business to maximise positive

Experience our journeys:


Relationships at
the Heart of Value

Mapping the people and relationships we hold in our hearts centrally on our agenda.

A journey for leaders who want teams that interact strategically with stakeholders, building value. We consider the personal and professional value that can come from real and authentic relationships and we vision how we can invest in connection.

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Virtue in an
Evolving World

Distilling our ethics into a playbook for high integrity business in our context.

A journey for businesses seeking to future proof against the risk of wrongdoing. We define a playbook for professional ethics aligned to our context and understand the good sense it makes to be high integrity players in our marketplace for sustainable value.

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Governance that
Sustains Success

Connecting governance layers to curate strategy into motivated practical execution.

A journey for leaders who want engagement and energy within governance. We look at how modern techniques can help governance bodies play an inspirational role in leading strategy, enabling a light, positive and sustained momentum.

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Planning to Deliver
the 2030 Agenda

Moving from a compliance mentality toward an inspired sustainability strategy.

A journey for leaders, sustainability and compliance teams. That want an experience to prioritise and strategise how your organisation can maximise positive impact aligned to business value for a sustainable future and a better wider world.

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