Simple, effective, interactive, well-designed content

We provide an end-to-end learning content design and development service- from visioning your learning outcomes, through curriculum development, to the final production of quality multimedia learning. Empanda takes pride in aligning with your organisational identity, and with your learner. Our content development projects are properly scoped and quoted, delivering on time, cost, and quality; every time. Our quality standards keep content light in size and mobile-friendly, helping steady play on challenged networks.

CREATE Learning

Our accelerated visioning process builds alignment and ownership for your stakeholders when you require a new and powerful learning intervention for your business. We take a light, fun, and holistic approach to creating new courses.


We can apply best practices to quickly convert traditional classroom training material into an online or blended delivery format. This can rapidly transform existing content into fresh formats for delivery with a range of delivery approaches.

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A diverse range of learning products, each carefully designed to realise an outcome.

eLearning products

Most of our products can be blended according to your unique needs. Each technique applied will have an appropriate solution for assessment, completion, and learner feedback.

Articulate Storyline eLearning

eLearning module produced using the native Articulate animation functionality.

Articulate Rise eLearning

eLearning suited to complex topics with reading and assessments.

Professionally Recorded Webinar

A pre-recorded facilitated learning session with prepared content, coaching your experts.

Instructor Led Session

Classroom or virtual facilitated training or workshop session with prepared content.

Knowledge Transfer Pathways

For sophisticated upskilling, we can conduct a needs analysis to produce and facilitate a curriculum.

Videography eLearning

Professionally filmed video with audio, embedded into Articulate for interactions.

Animated Story eLearning

Character, iconography, or typography animation embedded into Storyline, or standalone.


We can manage the translation process for your eLearning content.

EnableNow System eLearning

Integrated system simulation demonstrating how to use ICT applications, in context.


Learner and facilitator guides, infographics, quick reference guides, and published products.

our learning services

Embarking on a new skills and development training programme can be daunting. At Empanda we are here to help.

We are experts at keeping the process simple and organised. We take a holistic and structured approach, using world-class educational approaches to ensure you get the learning outcomes and business benefits you need.



Our end-to-end learning service:

our learning approach

Our tried and tested tools and processes help us to efficiently and quickly accelerate your delivery. This ensures that you get to share your creativity and organisational understanding so that our content shines with your identity and purpose. We are efficient with client time, both in absorbing insights and when applying for quality reviews.

Deliverables that come with the territory:

Journey Vision &

Planning and Approval

  • Project Vision
  • Project SMART Objective
  • Plan on a Page
  • Project Governance Schedule
  • Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  • Approved Budget
  • Inventory of Deliverables
  • Team Kick Off

Journey Management

  • Project Status Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Lessons Learned & Feedback
  • Project Close

Project Kick Off

  • Team Mobilised
  • Defined Stakeholders
  • Defined Risks

Personas & Organisation

Delivery Organisation

  • Organisation and Governance
  • Mobilised Change Agents
  • Train the Trainer
  • Extended Team Role Cards

Learner Personas

  • Learner Personas
  • Character Packs
  • Competency Framework

Learning Outcomes

  • Business Outcomes
  • Learner Anatomy & Outcomes
  • Assessment Strategy
  • Assessment Criteria

Change & Engagement

Branding & Templates

  • Project Brand & CSI Guide
  • Deliverable Templates
  • Communication Toolkit

Strategies and Plans

  • Change Strategy & Plan
  • Communication Strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Engagement Strategy & Plan
  • Collateral Budget

Track, Support & Enhance

  • Track change readiness
  • Track stakeholder engagement
  • Track communication effectiveness
  • Adapt and innovate



  • Learning Journey Vision & Blueprint
  • Customer Personas
  • Leadership & Delivery Roles
  • Content Delivery Plan
  • Learning & Business Outcomes
  • Assessment Strategy

Instructional Design

  • Learner Needs Analysis
  • Educational Strategy
  • Learning Organisation Design
  • Curriculum Design
  • Visual Identity & Avatar Design
  • Reports, Measure & Analytics

Develop and Evolve

  • eLearning Solutions
  • Learning Tools & Interaction Blends
  • Stakeholder Ownership and Adoption
  • Learning Journey Support
  • Learning Feedback Mechanisms
  • Continuous Improvement

Technology &
Juno LMS

Hosting Strategy

  • Learner Landscape
  • Hosting Solution Design
  • Hosting Support Model
  • Policy for Access to Data

Hosting Mobilisation

  • LMS Branded
  • Learning Pathway Structure
  • LMS Roles Set Up
  • LMS Reporting Ready

Learner Enablement

  • User Go Live
  • Learner Onboarding
  • Facilitator Onboarding
  • Governance Mobilised


Learner Motivation

  • Learner rationale for success
  • Learner KPIs and incentives
  • Identify Learner values
  • Review motivation options

Design for Success

  • Business value case
  • Business KPIs
  • Design Business Rewards
  • Design Learning Rewards
  • Design Success Reporting

Leading Success

  • Run Success Campaigns
  • Deliver Success Reporting
  • Enable Leadership Recognition
  • Promote Peer Leadership
  • Ensure we celebrate success.

eLearning instructional design

We truly specialise in instructional design. This supports both the creation of a new learning journey and situations where we need to convert a face-to-face training course into an online experience. This helps us to ensure we create the blend of content and experience needed to work for your learner and your organisation.

Learner Needs Analysis

We capture an understanding of your learner, to understand what enables and motivates, and to baseline the competencies that we want to unlock. This informs our educational strategy.

  • Learner Personas
  • Learner Needs Analysis
  • Learner Competencies
  • Learner Baseline

Educational Strategy

We understand your organisational goals, budget, and delivery capabilities. This helps us to define a learning capability that is efficient, resourced,  and clear on its purpose.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Learning Organisation
  • Learning Process
  • Learning Technology

Curriculum Design

We design your learning pathway and interventions, defining a blend of products and experiences that we can track to ensure successful delivery, adoption, and future innovation.

  • Learning Curriculum
  • Learning Product Blend
  • Assessment Methodology
  • Reports, Measures & Analytics

Visual Identity and Avatar Design

We absorb your organisational essence so that we can create a visual identity, templates, and avatars that demonstrate the values & behaviours that we want. This accelerates development.

  • Learner Values
  • Learning Brand & Values
  • Learner Avatars & Role Models
  • Learning Template Toolkits

personas centered learning

We have built upon the ADDIE foundation, taking a strongly personas-centered approach to our instructional design. This gives us a powerful pattern to build content that effectively enables the successful absorption of learning content.

Know Me

We take steps to understand our learners and personalise the learning experience.

Engage Me

We work with motivational theory to shape a specific engagement and communication approach.

Show Me

We tell a purposeful story that shows success, delivered by best-practice role players.

Let me

We learn by doing, ensuring we get to interact ourselves, helping us to engage and think, and overcoming pitfalls.

Check Me

We assess our competency, our progress, and our feedback to see if we are succeeding, ensuring support is on hand.

Empower Me

We build a world of support resources, offering the opportunity to own and direct our future success.

we can create your content

Do you need support developing your content? Rest assured that our dedicated
learning and development professionals will be by your side through the entire process.

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Strategy
  • Course Catalogue Design
  • Explainer Videos
  • eLearning
  • Instructor-led learning
  • Learning manuals
  • Assessments
  • Course Accreditation
  • B-BBEE SDL Advisory​

our authoring tools

We are often asked which authoring tools we use. The answer is lots of them!
Depending upon the deliverable, we select the right tool blend to get the job done.