Helping you and your people land change successfully

We are a one-stop-shop that facilitates change strategies and delivers change management services. We primarily provide change and learning for digital innovation programmes and for advancing sustainability strategies aiming to deliver the 2030 Agenda.

Our service offering:

  • Access a pool of highly competent change management professionals
  • Change management strategies aligned to your specific needs
  • Tailored instructional design and course development services
  • Sustainability strategy, reporting and success management
  • Communication and engagement services
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We create the engaging blend you need to infuse your people with a strong sense of empowered purpose.

our learning services

Embarking on a new skills and development training program can be daunting. At Empanda, we are here to help. Utilising our years of expertise, tried-and-tested learning strategies, and thought-leading instructional design experience. Our learning experiences, growth, and desired outcomes are empirical and measured. We have reliable methods and best practices that can accelerate your delivery.

people strategy visioning

We specialise in visioning with you. Our virtual workshops mobilise your initiative with your key stakeholders. People strategy visioning is commonly used by our clients when kicking off a project. Sessions accelerate and enhance the delivery of change management and learning projects.

eLearning content development

We develop high quality, customised eLearning, complete with instructionally designed assessments that you can host on your learning management platform or ours. Our content developers deliver a full range of multimedia products, aligned to educational best practices.

change and learning teams

Sometimes you want to lead your own project team, but mobilising the right people quickly can be a problem. We have an extensive network of talented specialists, many of whom have worked together before. We can help you to bring together your gig, with the blend of change, training and communication talent you need for your project.

EnableNow system eLearning

Empanda has delivered SAP training services since 2014 and has exceptional experience developing SAP course content on large transformation projects. We offer a unique SAP EnableNow eLearning product that can deliver system simulations for any application, on any SCORM compliant LMS. Alternatively we can provide SAP SEN services or consultants.

juno learning management system

Empanda delivers a hosting service on a range of different cloud-based LMS platforms. Our affordable outsourced hosting service ensures that your learners experience a professional, fun, responsive journey, whilst your learning team benefits from quality technology with supported administration, analytics and hosting support.​

training success management​

Our training success management service provides learner communication and engagement. Our real, motivational humans run alongside your learners, supporting governance and reporting for your training team. This service is especially valued by clients who want to succeed with self-paced or on-demand eLearning approaches.

peer-led learning

With exceptional recent successes supporting young adults, our innovative peer-led learning service takes success management to the next level. Designed to amplify confidence and build leadership skills, this new approach puts control of the learning experience in the hands of your learner, driving adoption, innovation and results.

recruit to onboard journeys

A learning journey can begin before a potential employee joins your organisation. We have built learning journeys for organisations seeking to assess individuals and create job awareness for new joiners. Automating elements of recruitment, onboarding and probation processes, can reducing recruitment overheads and enhance staff mobilisation.

our clients

We are proud to have worked with the following organisations: